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Centuries ago, our ancestors had felt that Cannabis sativa were beneficial for the human body.

Hemp was used for food, mostly as pressed oil, by the old Chinese as early as 3 000 years ago, and it was known in Europe as well. What our ancestors had intuitively felt was actually proven by modern science.

Cannabis sativa is an ecological crop that can be used without any leftovers. Its seed is processed to food, while its stem is processed to fibre. The fibre is used to make clothes and ropes. The hemp fibre composites may be used to make virtually anything one can think of. Some bodywork parts of high-end cars’ ecological series, such as Lotus or BMW, are manufactured from the hemp fibre composite. The hemp fibre is also used to manufacture car seat fills, backrests, as well as top quality insulation that will last for a hundred years and even if it gets wet, it fails to rot and remains unattacked by pests. Further, the fibre is used to produce special kinds of paper for banknotes, tea bags and roll-your-own cigarette papers. Hards may be processed into building blocks one can use to build a house, or used as bedding for animals. The dust, a stem-processing by-product, is manufactured into excellent briquettes used for heating or activated charcoal used for filtration. No waste is thus created. Those who support hemp products therefore contribute to their environmental improvement. The hemp is a genuine gift to modern humankind.
Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association