Stop the Night Raids on Fridges

Do you find it difficult to control your weight due to irresistible hunger?

Hemp protein may become an important ally in your campaign against redundant fat.
The hemp protein contains at least 50 % of the complete protein and as much as 23 % of dietary fibre. The dietary fibre is known for facilitating the even release of sugar in the blood, thereby reducing hunger attacks and the overall feeling of hunger. It is therefore beneficial in fat reduction.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over Europe, men and women alike, attack their fridges on a daily basis in order to satisfy their hunger with something tasty and nutritious that is, unfortunately, often also too caloric, sweetened or fatty. They are then unhappy they cannot keep their shape.

“I take on most weight when I cannot resist eating in the evening before getting in the bed. I have tried to have two tablespoons of hemp protein made into a tasty, preferably banana-flavoured, shake instead of my favourite white pastry with sausages or another fat meal. I have not suffered any feelings of hunger since,” says Paul Jeremiah from Birmingham.

Only due to such an innovation has Paul (34) managed to lose 7 kilos in two months down to his optimum weight level. He buys his protein powder either at his local organic food shop, or via the Internet.

“Hemp protein allows me to have one or two absolutely healthy, while also nutritious and completely dietetic meals a day without needing to speculate how to combine various healthy foods. The hemp protein powder is, after all, a complete food; suffice to flavour it. I mostly take it as a shake. And what is wonderful, it satisfies your hunger and makes you feel fuller for a sufficiently long time due to its favourable glycaemic index,” says Tatiana Jultschenko from Berlin.

Tatiana likes jogging, but she also needed to modify her diet in order to reduce weight. The hemp protein has helped her.
Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association