Good for Sportspersons

The hemp protein may hardly be outmatched if you are an active sportsperson or you work hard.

Your performance now ceases to be dependent exclusively on animal protein intake or solvent-extracted soybean products, when there is the tasty hemp protein powder.

Its biological value makes it similar to the egg white protein, it is therefore ideal for muscle mass building, providing the same or even better results than those provided by any of the proteins of animal origin. Moreover, it helps regenerate the body and the muscles with the same efficiency.

Many sportspersons who use whey-based products have experienced an unpleasant mouth smell accompanying their consumption. The hemp protein is not connected with any smell. Moreover, there is no risk of flatulence or stomach ache, as the hemp protein lacks the so-called free oligosaccharides that are responsible for such problems. Neither does this superfood contain the so-called trypsin inhibitors that prevent protein absorption, the hemp protein digestibility thus reaches 90 %.

Simply mix it in the shaker with water or another liquid, such as rice or oat milk, fruit or vegetable juice. Sweeten with honey, fruit sugar, the date or agave syrup. May be flavoured with cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, etc., if you wish. Smoothies (thick shakes) are also excellent: mix hemp protein with fruit or vegetables, then add a liquid or milk to get desired thickness. Naturally, the hemp protein may be added to yoghurts, porridges, cereals, sauces, spreads, or flour (up to 20 – 30 % of weight) used for baking or cooking.

Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association